Tania's Senior Year, by Brother Pope

Tania's senior year cover image Tania's father takes her along on his vacation, and she has some unexpected experiences. After reuniting with Tony, she believes her future is settled. But some events during her senior year makes her think again.

The Tania series: Tania is a series of erotic romances that tells the story of the amorous awakening of a young girl. The first book, Tania, begins when she is 18 years old and dating Tony, a film worker eight years her senior. In her adventures with Tony she experiences love in a manner she could never have dreamed of, discovers her own desire, and her own capacity for betrayal. As her social life grows, Tania learns that sexuality is more complicated than she had thought and that our motives sometimes are less than perfect when we encounter other people. At the end of this tale she finds herself in the arms of a much older man and begins to wonder what it is her destiny to experience.

About the author: Brother Pope is the pseudonymic author of a series of short erotic novels published by utopos publishing.


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  • Genre: Erotic romance
  • File size (.epub): 180.34 kB
  • 1st edition published: 8 July 2019
  • ISBN: 978-82-93659-06-8 (electronic)