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Our scholarly publications chart a direction that deviates from the trodden path of corporate academic publishing.

  • Introducing Ereignis cover image

    Torgeir Fjeld and Stefan Chazbijewicz with Wolfgang Schirmacher, Introducing Ereignis (2021) This book introduces Ereignis as a philosophical concept, as a technology, and as a way of life. The text is interlaced with photographs by award-winning director Stefan Chazbijewicz. more... Get Softbound | E-book (PDF)


Our series of poetry features translations and original texts that will take you places you didn’t know existed.

  • Christopher Norris, Damaged Life (2021) This tribute to Adorno’s unequalled powers as a critic and theorist makes a case for a kind of poetry that engages issues beyond the narrowly personal remit of much contemporary verse. more... Get Softbound | E-book | |

  • Christopher Norris, Hedgehogs (2020) Hedgehogs is an extended sequence of poems and verse-essays about Jacques Derrida in formal verse of a variously witty, ironic, reflective, discursive, and narrative character. more... Get Hardbound | Softbound | E-book | |

  • Laus Strandby Nielsen, The Black Wall, translated by Jørgen Veisland (2019) This is a collection of subtle poems, embracing a natural musical rhythm without a schematic meter and rhyme. The Black Wall offers a still picture which ultimately gives way to action and change. more... Get E-book | Kindle

Know Your Classics

Know your Classics is a collection of carefully selected texts offered in a new, informative and entertaining frame. Introduced by internationally acclaimed professors and cultural personalities this series provides readers with novel perspectives on texts that have stood the test of time. With a newly written biography of the author, each of our books in this series are given a modern, inviting typography that places these timeless works in our contemporary era. These are unmissable remixes of classics everyone should read.

  • H.G. Wells, The Time Machine, edited and introduced by Poul Houe (2020) The Time Machine redefined the science fiction genre to include concepts like spacetime. This edition features a newly written introduction by Poul Houe. more... Get Softbound | E-book |

  • Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room, edited and introduced by Monika Žagar (2020) Jacob's Room is a groundbreaking exploration of the stream-of-consciousness technique with which Virginia Woolf since became associated. This volume is edited and introduced by Monika Žagar. more... Get Softbound | E-book

  • Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights, edited and introduced by Jørgen Veisland (2020) Wuthering Heights traces the intense and ultimately destructive affair between Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, a love that endures beyond their mortal confines. Our edition is introduced by Jørgen Veisland. more... Get Softbound | E-book | iBook

  • Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, edited and introduced by Jørgen Veisland (2019) Combining elements of romance and melodrama, Oliver Twist inaugurated a new kind of fiction. This volume is edited and introduced by Jørgen Veisland. more... Get Softbound | E-book | Kindle | iBook


  • Brother Pope, Tania (2018) She was in love. Would she have the guile and skills to capture the heart of the man she wanted? more... Get E-book | Kindle

  • Brother Pope, Tania at School (2018) Tania is tired of school and gets involved with the wrong kinds of people. But then something happens that turns her life around. more... Get E-book | Kindle |

  • Brother Pope, Tania’s Senior Year (2019) After reuniting with Tony, Tania believes her future is settled. But some events during her senior year makes her think again. more... Get E-book | Kindle |

  • Brother Pope, Tania’s Friend (2019) When she grew up Tania's friend Anna used guile and ingenuity to get what she wanted, but as she retells her story to Tania she discovers that she has to tell the truth. more... Get E-book | Kindle |