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Kierkegaard: Acts of philosophy - the Second Ereignis Conference

How can we enlist the literary image to move readers to act in the world, and how may a philosophical life serve as a theatre in which ideas are enacted? These are key questions for our second Ereignis conference, to be held on-site in Gdynia, Poland, on Saturday, June 11, and on-line on June 12, 2022.

Hosted by Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts, and headlined by internationally acclaimed speakers on literary and political philosophy, this conference seeks to show a wide array of philosophical, literary, and social junctures where Kierkegaard’s philosophy meet with contemporary concerns.


Christine Hsiu-Chin Chou is currently associate professor and director of Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan. She takes special interest in doing interdisciplinary Kierkegaard studies.

Dante Clementi is with the University of St Andrews, UK.

Santiago de Arteaga is a Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile with full scholarship from the National Agency for Research and Development of Chile, with a dissertation concerned with the issue of becoming a self in Kierkegaard and Jung’s thought, focusing on their understandings of freedom. de Arteaga is a visiting student at the University of Leiden.

Torgeir Fjeld is Head of the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts. He interested in research and creative acts on the intersection of technology, presencing, and the event of salvation. He has published academic studies on how our bodies are shaped by national sports, on a philosophy of life-experience grounded in psycho-analysis, and on the limits of perversion, and has taught at several international universities, including the University of Minnesota, Roehampton University, and the University of Gdańsk.

Dr. Adam Staley Groves holds PhDs in Modern Thought from the University of Aberdeen (2016) and in Philosophy from European Graduate School (2011). He is a Lecturer with Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His interests include poetry, art, philosophy, science, artificial intelligence, and technic.

Kresten Lundsgaard-Leth is with the International People’s College, Denmark. Lundsgaard-Leth has studied at Aalborg University, the Freie Universität Berlin and has been a visiting scholar at Warwick University, the University of Chicago and Deakin University. Lundsgaard-Leth has published on Kierkegaard, existential philosophy, German idealism, and the philosophy of hope, such as in Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook (2018), Clio (2019), Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (2018) and Trópos (2015).

Christopher Norris is Professor Emeritus at the University of Cardiff, Wales. Chris has published many books on aspects of philosophy, literary theory and the history of ideas; also, more recently, several volumes of poetry on philosophical and literary topics.

Gorica Orsholits is an independent multidisciplinary researcher, artist, and musician. She studied at the University of Toronto and the European Graduate School from which she received a PhD. Her research interests are in poetry and poetics, literary theory, cultural and media studies, and continental philosophy.

Gisle Selnes is a professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Bergen, Norway. A vocal participant in the recent public debate on the imprisonment of Julian Assange, Selnes has published on Michael Haneke, Jorge Louis Borges, and Jacques Lacan, among others. He describes himself as a “Classical Modernist, Academic Communist, formal essayist, techno-pessimist, grammar Fascist, and converted Satanist.”

Jørgen Steen Veisland is associate professor of Scandinavian, American and Comparative Literature at the University of Gdańsk, Poland, where he has been employed since 1992. Previous appointments include The International People’s College, Denmark; The University of Wisconsin-Madison; The University of California­Berkeley, and Fudan University, Shanghai. He is a member of The International Association for Scandinavian Studies and The International Association for Ethical Literary Criticism. He is the author of numerous articles on Scandinavian and American literature and of several books.

Huang Yufeng holds a PhD from the University of Macau. Yufeng’s current interests include Kierkegaard, continental philosophy, and Proust.

Giulia Zerbinati is an MA student in Philosophy and Forms of Knowledge at the University of Pisa and a student of Philosophy at the Scuola Normale Superiore. She is interested in the fields of Aesthetics and Critical Theory. She wrote her BA thesis on the interpretation of Kierkegaard by Adorno.


Acts of philosophy | Programme | Abstracts | Speakers | CfA