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We offer philosophical retreats that seek to enhance our clients' ability to experience the good life. A select group of people meet in an unusual, attractive location in Northern Europe to attend world-class seminars and workshops for reflection, meditation and personal growth. Together with our clients we rigorously draw on our common experience and an exciting vision to generate opportunities and novel potentialities.

“Ereignis, the event of becoming into our own existence, opens up technology, and enables us to have new adventures in the process of living.”

Wolfgang Schirmacher

Ereignis Retreat AS is a Limited Enterprise fully owned and controlled by the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts. Ereignis Retreat AS organises and hosts retreats and other events that include seminars, workshops and talks. Established in 2018 Ereignis Retreat is governed by a board and administered by a small cohort of enthusiasts.

Torgeir Fjeld

Torgeir Fjeld

Director: Based in Norway and Poland, Torgeir is a writer, scholar and teacher who programs, organises and hosts retreats and events on behalf of the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts;

Ereignis Retreat AS is business no. 920.780.989. Our associated publisher Tankebanen forlag and its English-language imprint utopos publishing is registered as publisher no. 978-82-93659. We publish the international peer-reviewed journal Inscriptions. For more information about our faculty see our Faculty page.

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