Ereignis Retreat 2021

Philosophy under the Midnight Sun

The lighthouse in Tranoy with the Lofoten Islands in the background.

Midnight Sun: The lighthouse in Tranøy with the Lofoten Islands in the background. Willie Jarl Nilsen, September 2, 2011. (CC BY-ND 2.0).

Retreat into a world of philosophy, reflection and personal development under the Midnight Sun in 2021. We invite you who seeks a space for meditation on the issues most pressing to ourselves to join us for a week in Lofoten, Norway, where we stay in rustic Fishermen’s Cabins, upgraded to the highest technological standards, with great opportunities for relaxation, social interaction, and a full programme of philosophical thought and development.

The Ereignis Retreat 2021 offers seminars and talks with top philosophers Aaron Schuster and Wolfgang Schirmacher, a workshop on personal development with Professor Sharif Abdunnur, and ample access to the unrivalled nature and wildlife of Lofoten at a time of year when the sun never sets. We offer the following programme:

Sunday June 6th:

Monday June 7th -- Friday June 11th:

Creating Your Mythology Within: An immersive interdisciplinary workshop that focuses on how to create and introduce your own mythology into the structure of your “art work” be it narrative film, script, short story or poem. Understanding the mythology within the structure and how to decode and encode your own to create powerful “art” that endures time and cross cultural barriers.

Saturday June 12th:

The Lofoten area offers many interesting, exciting and relaxing activities for our afternoons and evenings, such as walks, guided boat rides or wilderness safaris. These can be organised by our hosts on your request. Additionally, The Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts invites you to the following evening talks, followed by discussions:


The Ereignis Retreat provides you with a time away from the pressing demands of high tech culture, an occasion to put away your smart phone. We meet in a part of Norway known for it’s unrivalled natural beauty, now a protected habitat, and rich cultural legacy. The Ereignis Retreat honours the legacy of the legendary founder of the ecosophy movement, the Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss.

Nature and geography: The Lofoten area, an archipelago situated just north of the Arctic circle, features dramatic mountains, open seas and sheltered bays, as well as one of Europe’s largest seabird colonies. It is ideally located for outstanding views of the natural phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, in winter, and the all-night Midnight Sun in summer.

History and culture: With roots back to the saga period settlements in Lofoten have largely been organised around fisheries, providing a mainstay of Norway’s food basket. This has given the area a rich cultural heritage, and it has featured as the natural surroundings in many of Nobel prize winner Knut Hamsun’s novels. The less known but equally fabulous Bishop Peter Dass hailed the local fishermen and their toil in his poetry. The events of the Ereignis Retreat take place in refurbished Fishermen’s Cabins, in what has become a modern, state-of-the-art boutique hotel on the shores of a historical village in Lofoten.

Our faculty

Wolfgang Schirmacher: Professor and founder of the Philosophy Programme at the European Graduate School, Switzerland. Schirmacher is a philosopher of technology in the tradition of Martin Heidegger, Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche who separates Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the affirmative Artificial Life, in a quest to find techniques that enable us to live well.

Aaron Schuster: Head of the Theory Program at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam, and former Fellow of Cornell University, USA, and the acclaimed author of The Trouble with Pleasure. A popular and accessible speaker Schuster has taught widely on topics such as desire, pleasure and psychoanalysis.

Sharif Abdunnur: Chairperson and Professor of Mass Media and Communication at the University of Balamand, Lebanon, Abdunnur is an award-winning documentary film director, film-maker and performer. He has taught and held workshops on media production and personal development in a host of universities across UK, Middle East, and Greece.

Torgeir Fjeld: Head of the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts. Fjeld is the author of several monographs on the philosophy of desire and mediation, and an experienced teacher from a number of top-level institutions around the world, including the University of Minnesota, USA, Roehampton University, UK, and the University of Gdańsk, Poland.

Getting there

Moskenes in Lofoten is accessible by air from the nearby Leknes airstrip and by boat from the city of Bodø, which has a larger airport. A good way to get there is to fly in to Oslo and then take a local flight to Leknes or Bodø. Leknes is about an hour by car from Moskenes (our hosts will assist with transportation). There are several ferry rides from Bodø to Moskenes, with ample photo opportunities during the ride, which can take 3,5 hours or more.

Staying there

The Ereignis Retreat offers reasonable accommodation with our partner (as yet to be settled) in refurbished Fishermen’s Cabins. At this time it seems the cost will be about $60/night per person in a two-person cabin. There is also the budget option of a local camping ground, Moskenes Camping, for the adventurous of spirit.

Our package

We offer a unique week of seminars, talks by top international speakers, and a workshop that will lift your spirit, all in a setting that invites reflection and adventure, for $ 500/person. This includes participation in all events, daily breakfast, and a proof of participation (“diploma”).

More information

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