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Ereignis Institute prepares the ground for enhanced perception and the good life. We provide incisive lectures available at your convenience, with optional readings, and assignments to check your learning. Typical study time for each course module is 12 weeks.

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Life technologies

Life in the event of technology: We situate technology within philosophies of the event in order approach a whole range of life techniques for ethical – good – living. This course gives a solid introduction into the philosophy of Ereignis. Instructor: Dr. Torgeir Fjeld.

Ethics after Nietzsche

How can we have a good life in a world in which there is no transcendent moral principle? Nietzsche’s critique of morality clears the space for French philosophers to think about a possibility of an immanent ethics. Instructor: Dr. Mehdi Parsa.

Wallace Stevens: Theōria and Technic

This seminar explores Wallace Stevens’s theōria as a contra-criticism that views technological determinism as a most potent critic of the imagination. Thus Stevens’s “poetry itself” and “a poetry of thought” offer ethical considerations for humans under the reins of technic. Instructor: Dr. Adam Staley Groves.

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