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Student terms and conditions

Our pre-recorded course modules are designed to provide for a variety of learning styles. A wide range of materials are included in each course, and you may make use of them in any way you prefer (but please note the limitations below). Typical study time for each course module is 12 weeks. This includes attending to our video taped lectures, reading texts from the complimentary reading list, studying the lecture notes (when included), and completing any additional exercises. There are no mandatory assignments or exams with our courses.

What is included in a course?

Conditions for use of our restricted areas:

More about our Course Diploma

While our programme is not degree-granting, we are able to issue a course diploma to students who have completed a module with us. This diploma can serve as documentation of your study, and you may include it in your future correspondence with potential employers, educational providers, etc. To receive your diploma, please write to us at

Privacy notice

We only use the information you provide to carry out our educational programme. We do not rent or sell information that can be used to identify you to anyone. All of the information that we collect will be handled in accordance with GDPR legislation. You may have certain rights to the personal information we hold about you under data protection law. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

To join one of our courses press the “Buy now” button on the course module screen. On receiving your payment we send logon details to our restricted area to your email.

One more thing!

We like testimonials! For a limited period we offer our courses at half price. We do this because we would like to learn more about how our students experience our modules. In return we ask that you send us an email with any comments you may have about the course, or fill in this form.

We look forward to learning with you!