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Instruction with Torgeir Fjeld, PhD

Learn to communicate fluently in Norwegian with the aid of state-of-the-art techniques, cutting edge techology, and the very finest selection of exercises to get you talking and writing in no time.

Torgeir Fjeld is an experienced instructor of Norwegian as a Second Language, with many years training from the University of Minnesota and the University of Oslo, Norway. He is a certified teacher, with Norwegian and Social Science as his fields of specialization.

Torgeir has worked as a language instructor in colleges such as the American College of Norway and the University of Gdańsk, Poland, for a number of years, and makes use of a wide variety of techniques tailored to each student's needs and preferences.

He is also a PhD, with several publications on record.

To enquire about tutorials or to join one of his classes write an e-mail to torgeir@tankebanen.no, specifying your current and desired level of competency in the language, how you would like to achieve your goal, and how you believe Torgeir might assist you in getting there.

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