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About the Journal

Inscriptions is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing high-quality, original research. We accept academic articles and creative criticism, commentaries, and book reviews. Please see the journal’s Mandate and Scope for information about our focus.

This journal only publishes manuscripts in English, and we only accept manuscripts that have not been submitted elsewhere. For more information about our policies, including submission types, review, publication ethics, indexing and archiving, please see our policies page at

Preparing Your Paper


Your submission should be compiled in the following order: title (and subtitle), abstract (up to 150 words), up to five keywords/phrases, main text, and references. Figures and captions should be embedded in the submission document, indicating where they should be placed in the text.

Word count

Generally, Inscriptions publishes academic articles and creative criticism of up to 4,500 words. Commentaries and book reviews have a length of up to 1,500 words.

File format

Texts should be submitted in MS Word or OpenOffice. Many other word-processing formats may be acceptable.

Blind review

Please ensure that the author(s) cannot be identified in the submitted manuscript, i.e., that their names are removed from the document and the document properties, before submission.

Style guidelines

Please refer to these style guidelines when preparing your submission, rather than any published articles or a sample copy. It is advisable to use 12pt Times New Roman with 2,5 cm/1 inch margins.

References: Notes and reference list

We generally follow the Chicago “notes and bibliography” stylesheet. Note, however, that we use different rules for capitalisation (see above). Make sure to include DOI links for references (when available).

Entry type In a footnote Reference list
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Other content

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