On oblivion


  • Julio Alcántara European Graduate School




oblivion, perception, memory, essence, nature


A reflection on Jorge Luis Borges’ Funes the Memorious (in Fictions, 1944) helps us to understand the meaning of memory and perception by which a metaphysical standpoint emerges from the side of Giorgio Agamben, Gottfried W. Leibniz, Martin Heidegger and Indian philosophy where the essence of reality may be triggered by a force hidden in human thinking as well.

Author Biography

Julio Alcántara, European Graduate School

Julio Alcántara, philosopher, filmmaker and founder of TOLLUX, signals a crest in the successive waves of dazzling Mexican filmmaking auteurs in this century. His breakthrough through the philosophy of the parareal and films signals an integration of inner/outer into a holistic state of the “parareal” inside the real is both universal and self-contained in that the parts reflect the whole.


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