Philosophy in the age of modern technology

the challenge of Michel Henry’s approach


  • Pedro José Grande Sánchez Complutense University of Madrid



Michel Henry, Philosophy, Phenomenology, Technology


The progress of science does not seem to have brought more culture and well-being to today's world. For Michel Henry, the elimination of the world of the spirit has irremediably led us to the “disease of life”. An objective and homogenising conception of the world that has little or nothing to do with life itself. In this sense, the task of philosophy would consist precisely in highlighting the activities that the world of science has decided to reject. Considering the world of life from techno-scientific categories has meant eliminating the dimensions that have served humanity for millennia to answer the question: What is life? The philosopher refers to religion, aesthetics and ethics. Throughout this paper we will analyse the characteristics that, in the words of the philosopher Michel Henry, are the foundations of the “ideologies of barbarism” produced by technology.


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