The digital conscious: the becoming of the Jungian collective unconscious


  • Sharif Abdunnur University of Balamand, Lebanon
  • Krystle Houiess University of Balamand


collective unconscious, internet, subculture, psyche, digital world


The rise of the digital domain has created a new virtual world that is eternal and ethereal and with it, has created a philosophical entropy state where more than ever technology has superseded cultural thought and ethics.   What Jung once described as the collective unconscious was deemed once as being parapsychology or too esoteric is now a conscious reality of creation.  We now, accidentally or intentionally, take part in creating a collective unconscious that more than ever has a visible presence and massive direct and indirect effect on our cultural groups as well as having a global unconscious appeal. 

Author Biographies

Sharif Abdunnur, University of Balamand, Lebanon

Chairperson of the Department of Mass Media and Communication at the University of Balamand in Lebanon.  A strong believer in interdisciplinary and intercultural education and collaboration; Sharif focuses on creating works in various mediums that help bridge cultural gaps as well as challenging the accepted limits and norms.  His works vary from journal articles, books, literature, experimental and feature films. He sits on the board for the "Hawliyat" Journal at the University of Balamand.  Sharif has published 3 books in various genres, several academic articles and 5 films winning more than 50 International Awards (for Directing, Scriptwriting, Best Indie Filmmaker etc.).

Krystle Houiess, University of Balamand

Krystle Houiess is an Award winning Film Director.  After finishing her BA in Film Making and completed her Masters in Media Studies from the European Graduate School in Switzerland, she went on to do workshops in Europe and UK in acting, cinematography and photography as well as advanced workshops in Hollywood at the Stella Adler Studio, N.Y.F.A, Lee Strasberg Institute and Margie Haber Studio in  Los Angeles.   Krystle is now a PhD candidate on her last stages of her Dissertation at the European Graduate School.


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