Stefan Chazbijewicz


  • Torgeir Fjeld Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts
  • Stefan Chazbijewicz Polish Filmmakers Association; Polish Film Academy



artwork, mysticism, iconography, Chazbijewicz, Tarkovsky


Filmmaker, poet and visual artist Stefan Chazbijewicz seeks to establish a mystic space in his artwork, a domain of salvaged reality, or, as he puts it, a semiotic representation of what we are after salvation. Here we present three of Chazbijewicz' recent visual artworks together with a text that introduces his approach. The three images, “apres-nous,” “Greece, Athens,” and “The Question of Acropolis” are all recent works, employing a variety of techniques and references to collectively suggest a path, a series of perspectives, and an aesthetic programme.

Author Biographies

Torgeir Fjeld, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts

Dr. Torgeir Fjeld is editor-in-chief of Inscriptions and Head of the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts. He has taught at universities in the UK, USA, Norway, Poland and South Africa, and is the author of Rock Philosophy (forthcoming on Vernon Press), Perversion's Beyond and dressage and illusio. Fjeld studies temporality, films, and releasement.

Stefan Chazbijewicz, Polish Filmmakers Association; Polish Film Academy

Stefan Chazbijewicz is a film and theatre director, poet, and visual artist living in Gdańsk, Poland. After publishing two collection of poetry to great critical acclaim in the early 1980s, Chazbijewicz was admitted to the Polish Film School in Łódź, where he graduated with a Master of Arts in 1989. He wrote and directed the feature film A Trip to the East in 1994, the TV-series Love Me, Love in 2006, as well as a host of documentaries and TV-theatres for Polish, German and French television. Chazbijewicz has won a series of awards and prizes for his work, among them the Joseph Conrad award, the best picture at the Gdynia film festival, a special jury prize at the Turin International Film festival, and the Andrzej Munk prize. Chazbijewicz has lectured on film and narratology with the University of Warsaw and other film schools. Currently he is drawing, painting and writing poetry that interrogates "the reality of salvation," i.e. what we are after transformation.