Secretive organisations: anarchism after platform capitalism


  • Torgeir Fjeld Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts



networks, anarchism, Lovink, Rossiter, social media


Geert Lovink and Ned Rossiter's Organization After Social Media interrogate what our relation to the Internet in general, social media platforms, and organised networks in particular should be after botched Twitter revolutions, NSA counter-insurgencies and a rising disillusionment with "platform capitalism." Seeking to find a way for activists to operate in secret networks the authors suggest a future between what they see as the double pitfalls of crises-ridden conventional organisations and offline romanticism.

Author Biography

Torgeir Fjeld, Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts

Dr. Torgeir Fjeld is editor-in-chief of Inscriptions and Head of the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts. He has taught at universities in the UK, USA, Norway, Poland and South Africa, and is the author of Rock Philosophy (forthcoming on Vernon Press), Perversion's Beyond and dressage and illusio. Fjeld studies temporality, films, and releasement.


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