Normativity and grammar of psychological concepts


  • Lukas Reimann University of Amsterdam


Wittgenstein, Theodor Schatzki, social constructivism, psychological concepts


This essay aims to establish the claim that psychological concepts such as love, desire, depression, etc. have a normative dimension, to then explore the potential source of this normativity. Building on Wittgenstein’s social-constructivist approach, this essay argues that not only the psychological concepts that are available to us, but also our concepts’ normative dimension is a result of our communal life. In Wittgensteinian terminology, normativity should therefore be understood as a grammatical feature of the language-games we play with psychological concepts.

Author Biography

Lukas Reimann, University of Amsterdam

Lukas Reimann studied Economics and Philosophy at the University of Mannheim and the University of Amsterdam. He is mainly interested in philosophy of psychology with a focus on Wittgenstein’s contributions to the field.