Gilles Deleuze and the desert island as a material utopia


  • Mehdi Parsa The University of Bonn


Gilles Deleuze, desert islands, utopia, schizophrenia, Michel Tournier


This essay seeks to unpack the idea of the absence of others as a primary structure, distinguished from the other as structure and the ego as the empirical result of the structure-other, which is formulated by Gilles Deleuze, particularly in “Michel Tournier and the World Without Others”. Going from the neurotic nature of the structure-other to the psychotic nature of the absence of others as structure I argue that this transition is crucial to reach the “Great Health”, marking a utopian point in Deleuze’s work. I distinguish private from social schizophrenia, claiming that the latter underlies a new communicability which is more corporeal than conceptual. It would also mark an economy which departs from an exchange economy to approach Bataille’s idea of solar economy. Finally, I describe the structural aspect of the dissipation of the other, or social schizophrenia, through the perverse structure, which stands against the pervert’s actual behaviors.

Author Biography

Mehdi Parsa, The University of Bonn

Mehdi Parsa is a PhD candidate of philosophy at the University of Bonn, with a project concerning Gilles Deleuze’s Logic of Sense, under the supervision of Prof. Markus Gabriel. His last publication is “Speculative vs. Transcendental: a Deleuzian Response to Meillassoux,” published in La Deleuziana, issue 11, 2020, pp. 171-185.


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