Vol. 1 No. 1 (2018): Consecrations: The philosophy of Wolfgang Schirmacher and the passing of the human

“Man-machine” by Pat Fjeld (c) 2018. Used by permission.

This inaugural issue of Inscriptions features three previously unpublished translations of original work by Wolfgang Schirmacher, as well as a comprehensive interview with him conducted in Dresden, Germany, in February this year. We have made avaliable parts of the interview that were not included in the article as audio files here. Also in this issue is a contribution from Daniel Fraser that takes a phenomenological approach to what it is that happens when we put our book down and no longer read, while three literary contributions variously bring up spectrality, romance and memory.

Cover image: "Man-machine" by Pat Fjeld (c) 2018. Used by permission.

Publisher: Tankebanen forlag, Norway.

Enquiries: inscriptions@tankebanen.no

Published: 2018-07-01