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Tankebanen logoankebanen forlag is a Norwegian publisher established in 2018 by a small group of enthusiasts. We publish printed and electronic books, with a special interest in cutting-edge scholarship, poetry, and fiction.

We are not a book-store. In our catalogue you will find links to stores where you can purchase our books. We publish the international peer-reviewed journal Inscriptions.

Atopon (Άτοπον) / utopos: (from the Greek) placeless, no place, out of place.

Tankebanen forlag and our English-language imprint utopos is governed by an Editorial Council. All our publications are reviewed by independent consultants. We do not charge publication fees.

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It is necessary to think, under the name of the void, the outside-place [utopos] on the basis of which any place—any situation—maintains itself with respect to its being. That the without-place (Άτοπον) signifies the absurd causes one to forget that the point, precisely in not being a place, can mitigate the aporias of the void. Alain Badiou