Inscriptions 6, no. 2 is out

Posted on 1 Sep 2023.
Inscriptions 6, no. 2 cover
Inscriptions 6, no. 2 cover.

In the work of Theodor W. Adorno and Walter Benjamin we find two distinct approaches to critique. To Adorno a negative dialectic provided the limit of what it was possible to imagine in our time; for Benjamin social critique was animated by a messianic moment to come. The most recent issue of Inscriptions features prominently essays that relate to each of these social philosophers: Anda Pleniceanu, in her essay “Carving out the absence within,” draws on Adorno to suggest a novel apporach to philosophical concept-building while Georgios Tsagdis profoundly investigates Giorgio Agamben’s idea of “form-of-life” as a kind of messianism. Read the editorial that discusses these and other contribution to our latest issue: (open access).

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