Torgeir Fjeld



Drawing by Patrycja Fjeld.

I read books, watch television, observe cats, go for walks, relax with family. Scroll down for more images!

My main areas of interest/expertise are philosophy (media and technology), cultural theory (sport and nationalism), and Scandinavian studies (particularly contemporary Norwegian literature).

Here’s a bit about my background, education, and what I do in the academic community.

Some places I’ve worked


Dissertation: “Perversion’s Beyond: life with mediatization,” supervised by Prof. Wolfgang Schirmacher. Available in paperback from Atropos Press and on

Dissertation: “Signifying the Body: sport, nation and the cultural analysis of P. Bourdieu,” directed and supervised by Prof. Stephen Wagg. Free download from Roehampton University’s repository. Also available in expanded edition on



While watching the wheels...