Drawing by Patrycja Fjeld.

Writer, publisher, and educational administrator, holding PhDs in Philosophy (EGS, 2017) and Cultural Theory (Roehampton, 2012). Latest publications include Introducing Ereignis: Philosophy, Technology, Way of Life (2022) and Rock Philosophy (2019) and articles in Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, International Journal of Žižek Studies, and others. Presently serving as Head of Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts, Publisher at Tankebanen forlag, and Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Inscriptions. Fjeld has taught at universities across North America, Europe, and Africa. Here is section dedicated to poetry in translation. This page has a cookie policy.

My research interests are social and cultural analysis between Pierre Bourdieu and Ernesto Laclau (mostly with attention to nationalism and sports in physical education and in the mediatisation of large sporting events), the subject of knowledge and education, particularly in the tradition after Freud and in the philosophy of Wolfgang Schirmacher, and readings of art and literature from a philosophical and social perspective, including poetry (Ulven, Miłosz) and film (Bergman) and deliberations on creativity, reason and silence.





While watching the wheels...

We go for walks in the forest, right outside our door.
Our kitten, Agata, likes to chase mice.
When there’s snow we’re out, playing.

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