2022: Introducing Ereignis: philosophy, technology, way of life. Moss: Tankebanen forlag.

Ereignis is a German word which can mean just a happening, just an event, just taking the train to go to Berlin. But it can also mean something quite different: a happening which defines who you are, an Ereignis, an event, which brings you into your own.

2019: Perversion's Beyond: life at the edge of knowledge. Dresden and New York: Atropos Press.
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a tour de force through Freudian and Lacanian theory. The book offers innovative interpretations of major works in world literature and is furthermore written in a lucid style that makes it attractive to the reader interested in philosophy, cultural theory and literature.

2017: Rock Philosophy: meditations on art and desire. Wilmington, Delaware: Vernon Press.
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Sentient stones may seem an impossibility from a Western perspective that categorically separate Creator and Creation, Mind and Matter. However, consciousness appears and disappears as part of the ongoing, sometimes turbulent, sometimes placid, flows of which the world is made. … I find myself intrigued on multiple levels.

2016: dressage and illusio: sport, nation and the new global body. Chisinau, Moldova: Scholars' Press.
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…enters directly into current philosophical and social scientific questions regarding sport – nation – body, and anchors the debate in strong, theoretical currents … rich in perspective and original analysis.

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