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We're a small publishing house based in Norway. In our expanding catalogue you'll find fiction, poetry, art books, scholarly texts, and a host of other genres. Our first criterion for inclusion in our catalogue is quality. When we come across a manuscript that interests us we work together with the author to refine the text until it reaches a level that satisfies the expectations of our discerning readers. We are curious and open: with our publication model numbers are not the key component when we measure success. Ours is a publishing house that appreciates innovation, first attempts and unpolished beauty. While we would like to reach many readers our priority is to find readers that share our taste for unheard voices worth listening to.

We look for manuscripts that search for new ground, tap into sources unknown to us, or that simply ring true. Experiment, dare to fail, jump as high as you can; our authors are daring, bright and astute. Join our select band of writers by submitting you manuscript via our online submission center. See you soon!

utopos publishing is an imprint of tankebanen forlag, a small publisher dedicated to tailored print runs and e-publications of high quality in Norwegian and English. We make use of print-on-demand technology, enabling us to find the right print for the relevant audience at a sensible price. We publish the English-language journal Inscriptions.

E-mail: utopos@tankebanen.no
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