Inscriptions 3, n1: Outsourced! Mediatisation and revolt is out

Outsourcing is a way to get someone else to act on our behalf. In psycho-analysis the term is also used for instances of exteriorised reception, politics, or belief. We are interested in cases when such outsourcing is non-subjectivised, i.e. when there is a knowledge “out there,” in the Real, but where it is not yet possible to say who it is that believes. With essays by Tidhar Nir, Jørgen Veisland, and commentaries by Sharif Abdunnur and Torgeir Fjeld, Inscriptions 3(1) discusses relations between creativity and the Real. Street-art by AFK.

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Life’s ugliness must be torn to pieces
Until beauty — totality can grow from its soil.
Thus we are two, my poem and I: a claw,
The two of us, one will.

From Elmer Diktonius, “Jaguaren” (in Hårda Sånger, 1922)

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