Leadership in the event of technology

We enable you to think and act as a leader in the event of technology. With a coherent programme for enhanced perception, reflection, and development in the areas of technology, knowledge, and the good life the Ereignis Institute prepares the ground for enhanced living. Join us in addressing the key questions of our time, such as leadership in a time of climate change, governance in the knowledge economy, and a contemporary understanding of subjectivity and power.

We reach out to leaders of business and public sector, creative pioneers, and thinking persons that seek to complement prosperity with the good life. Our audience is as vigorous and multifaceted in character as our faculty. Join our internationally recognised scholars and coaches for opportunities to learn and grown on or off campus.

On and off campus: In collaboration with Ereignis Retreat AS we provide on-campus opportunities to reflect and grow. Meet leading thinkers and mentors in extraordinary settings designed to foster enhanced perception and development for the good life.

Online programme: Join us to participate in our high-quality online instruction and coaching programme. We provide short, incisive lectures available at your convenience, with optional readings and easy access to instructors. Combine our courses with our mentoring programme to unlock your full capacity for leadership in our time.