The good life in the event of technology

Ereignis Institute prepares the ground for enhanced perception and the good life. We provide short, incisive lectures available at your convenience, with optional readings and easy access to instructors. Our approach to the question of how to live well owes much to the ethical tradition from Epicurus: friendly to science, fiercely sense-oriented, and dedicated to the presumption that our actions are oriented towards achieving pleasure and peace of mind.

Technology we take to mean way, as it is derived from the Greek techne, the crafts. While in the philosophical tradition techne was increasingly made to contrast with episteme, theory, we regard craft and theory, practice and knowledge, as intimately connected and ultimately inseparable.

At the Ereignis Institute we reach out to those who want to improve their skills to think and perceive, and to those who want to acquire more in-depth knowledge. Our modules are suitable for anyone interested in philosophy, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, or a professional who want to further exercise your ability to think thoroughly and profoundly about important questions that define our lives. While not required, some previous knowledge of philosophy may be an advantage.

Each of our courses include:

3-4 hours of taped lectures by international experts in their fields;

complimentary worksheets, reading lists, assignments, and exercises;

exclusive access to our online forum where you can discuss your course with the instructor and fellow students;

course diploma (beta version).

To introduce our programme we offer all our courses at half price until 31 October. Send us an e-mail with any questions or comments. Join today.