What we do

  • Our online programme offers courses in the form of prerecorded lectures and online seminars. Join at any time by signing up.
  • Our lecturers are held by acclaimed scholars with international recognition in their field of expertise. Find out more about our teachers.
  • Our courses give you fresh perspectives: we encourage thinking, reflection, and wonder.
  • We provide rooms for discussion and debate with our faculty and with fellow students.

What you get

When you sign up for one of our courses you get

  • Original lectures with international scholars not available elsewhere. All content is exclusive to our school.
  • Access to online forums where you are encouraged to ask questions and discuss with your lecturer and fellow students.
  • To come: Course diploma.

Areas and levels

  • Our courses engage with areas such as contemporary philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of technology. Our school is expanding, and more areas will be added in the future.
  • We address learners at all stages of higher education, both undergraduate and graduate levels. Many of our students are professionals, creatives, or thinkers with an interest in our approach to philosophy. In our course guide you will find information that will enable you to decide whether a course fits for you.

Ereignis Institute is a part of the Ereignis Center for Philosophy and the Arts.